NET Patient Network On Facebook

Here is all you need to know about joining us on Facebook, for up-to-date information and PRIVATE discussion about NET issues, for Patients, Caregivers & Family members.

Facebook Page

First we have our Facebook Page.  Our Facebook Page will be the Hub of the Community side of the NET Patient Network.

Our Web site, will still be our Information Hub, but we will always announce new content on our Facebook Page, so you will get alerts from Facebook when there is new content.

NET facebook page

Because we will have a Facebook Page and Facebook Groups for discussion,  to avoid confusion, we have made a distinctive image for each page.

When you are on the NET Patient Facebook Page, the image above is what you will see.

Our Facebook PAGE is below, ( it opens in a new Internet Browser window).
We would appreciate if you could “Like” our page and share it with your connections on Facebook.

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If you would like to get involved in NET related discussion, for NET Patients, Caregivers & Family, please click here to join our Facebook Groups.