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    Terry M

    Does anyone know how NETs are considered with regard to a medical card application? Is it chronic illness, is it a termninal illness? Has anyone applied and been successful in getting a card when they were in full time employment? Did you need a supporting letter? What evidence did you have to supply? I can supply prescription receipts for evidence of expenditure but what else? Any information appreciated. Terry



    Hi Terry
    I hope you had some success with this. it is a very grey area. I asked at the last conference about this and was told no. However, no one in the HSE or outside of it seems to be able to answer a direct question, that is, are there discretionary medical cards in existence or aren’t there? My husband was diagnosed with aggressive metastastic neuroendocrine cancer last April. I applied straight away for a medical card as he is self-employed. He was refused twice, I kept going ( through politicians in the end) and finally last week he got one. we were asked for the same information 4 times and each time there was a long wait and then the same information requested again. It seems as if they just try to wear you out. I rang every week at the same time for 7 months! You must supply income details, p60 and p21 or notice of assessment if self-employed. Details of mortgage payments, rent, medical expenses and letter from Consultant/GP stating why you need the card etc. Do not give up.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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