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    Since starting monthly injections of octreotide, I have been lucky that my injection date has never overlapped with times when I have been travelling. I have a trip abroad coming up soon during which I am supposed to get my monthly injection.

    I wonder what other people do when this situation occurs? Do you just delay your injeciton until you return?



    Hi Mark

    Up until now I’ve planned my holidays around the 4 weekly injections. 

    However my injections fell due twice whilst I was away in UK on business and I contacted the hotel where I was due to stay to get a contact name for the GP (s) they normally use for their hotel guests.  I then made contact with the GP, who agreed to give me the injection and I faxed across the instruction booklet on sandostatin.  In tandem I had my own GP write an authorisation letter for the airline setting out the medical requirement and request that I carry the sandostatin and the injection needle in my hand luggage.  He also gave his 24hr cell phone number so the airline could validate the request.   It’s important to remember that you bring the sterile needle with you since that size needle may not always be available in your visiting destination.

    As it is, I will be going to a wedding in Italy early next year and clearly I have no veto over that date so if it happens to fall when my injection is due, I intend contacting the hotel there and following the same procedure as I do when on business travel.

    Best regards




    I live in France. Any registered nurse can give you the monthly injection anywhere here (tel no available at any chemist and you can buy it at any chemist 24 hours beforehand. Bring your Carcinoid risk card with you in case you need to be hospitalised with an anaesthetic. There are several contacts at different hospitals all over the country. Look at the RENATEN site.



    Hi Mutzy,
    Thats very interesting about how things work in France. We don’t have a Carcinoid Risk Card here in Ireland but it is something that this organisation (NET Patient Network) is trying to make happen. If possible can you send a scan or photo of this card to so that we can add to our info on this topic, as we chase the doctors and HSE on this?
    Thanks for your contributions to the forum!



    Hi All,
    Re holidays and monthly injections, I consulted my GP who gives it to me
    and she said being late by a week wouldn’t do any harm so long as one then
    waits for four weeks after that and gets back to once a month.
    Another time I brought it forward a day per month for three months because
    of a date I knew I would be away in advance and again reverted to the exact
    four weeks thereafter. I haven’t been away further than relations in UK and
    places in Ireland – mostly due to nervousness in case of a problem. It says
    on the injection pack to keep it in the fridge. Is that a problem when
    going a long journey?

    Also very BIG thank you to all who organised the day in Kilkenny. I found
    it most helpful and learnt a lot. I have asked if I can go to the Friday
    clinic for my next check-up in January and await news of that.
    I will put in a few suggestions re next meeting on a different topic.
    Best wishes to all. Rosamond



    I recently met a NETs patient from Belgium and she said that she brings her injection with her when she travels. If travelling by car she has a powered cooler box and if flying or travelling some other way she uses a large flask that she bought from a camping supplies store to keep the injection cool. She has a letter from her doctor explaining what it is as security/customs can get very suspicious!



    I travel with my Diabetic pens and needles (it used to be syringes) and have found airport officials very understanding. Now I don’t even have to show a Doctor’s letter, just tell them what’s in my bag. Apparently the equipment these days is so good that they can easily tell what’s right and not right. Still it still helps to have a Doctor’s letter!!


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