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    Medical / Professional advice must not be requested or given

    This forum is provided so that NET patients and their family members in Ireland can share their experiences and provide encouragement and support to each other.  It is our intention to establish an active community of Irish NET patients and family members so that we can all benefit from others experiences and know that we are not alone in dealing with our disease.

    It is very important that every user is aware that he or she is NOT a doctor or medical professional and cannot give medical advice.  You are welcome to tell people about your experiences of different treatments, how they affected you, how you felt, etc.  But you CANNOT advise someone that they should seek that treatment or any other particular treatment.

    Do NOT diagnose or advise another patient that they should take any particular treatment.  Doing so is expressly against the rules of using this forum.

    Discussion Topics

    The forum is provided for members to discuss any and all aspects of NETs.  Please use it accordingly.  Discussion of any unsuitable topics will not be permitted and will be deleted.  Do not discuss or post anything that may be derogatory, inflammatory, slanderous, illegal, spamming or commercial advertising, or any such unsuitable topic.

    Language and Behaviour

    Do not use offensive language.  Please be polite and do not abuse others.  If you disagree with someone, convey your point but remember that not everyone will always agree with you.

    Discretion of the Moderator

    All posts are subject to editing or complete removal by moderators of the forum.  This is completely at the discretion of the moderator and may not be challenged. Moderators act in the interest of the forum to ensure posts are suitable and not inflammatory.

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