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New NET Nurse Appointed


A new NET nurse specialist, Ms Lisa Cullen, has been appointed and is now in place in St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin best project management software.  This appointment is part of the strategy to create a NET Centre of Excellence.  The new nurse specialist is shared between NETs and Liver Cancer support and operates every Thursday and Friday.  We welcome the appointment and look forward to the continued development of a Centre of Excellence.  NET Patient Network will advocate for the extension of this nursing facility to a 5-day week.  Lisa may be contacted by email at [email protected] or at 01-2213599.

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Carcinoid Crisis Protocol Request


Many NET patients are concerned with the possibility of suffering from a carcinoid crisis during surgery as a result of receiving an anesthetic.  Carcinoid crisis can be catastrophic if the medical staff are not prepared for such an event.  Preparation requires the availability of sandostatin injections to prevent or combat carcinoid crisis if it should occur.  Some Irish patients have experienced serious such crises during surgery.  Other jurisdictions abroad have recognised this need and implemented ‘special protocols’ accordingly project planning software.  NET Patient Network has written to Dr Susan O’Reilly of the NCCP asking her to investigate if a special protocol [...]

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