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NETs Centre of Excellence Awarded to St Vincents


St Vincents University Hospital in Dublin was recognised and awarded a Centre of Excellence certificate for NETs as the 39th ENETS Centre of Excellence at the ENETS Conference in Barcelona on Friday March 10th. The NETs clinic in St Vincents was audited last November after our patient day. The review panel from ENETS was satisfied that the clinic meets its criteria for providing the best of care for NET patients under the ENETS Centre of Excellence programme. This is a great achievement and underlines that all Irish NET patients should seek referral for review and/or second opinions to the NETs clinic [...]

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Photos & Videos from 2016 NET patient day – Dublin


Photos from the patient day the 2016 NET Patient Day can now be viewed on our Flickr account Photos from our previous patient days can also be viewed on that Flickr account. The videos from the talks on the day are on our YouTube channel.

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